Our benefits

We have been providing services to our clients for 14 years. During this time, we gained an experience in the creation of beautiful masterpieces on the walls and other surfaces. We conduct the major repair of apartments in Kyiv and know how to transform an ordinary part of the premises into a fancy and elegant room in the same time.

The main benefits of cooperation with us include:

  • implementation of all life cycle in the shortest possible period;

  • a team of workers of the all necessary professions, that provide a turn-key major repair of new buildings;

  • quality implementation considering the special features of all conducted works and client’s requirements;

  • providing of long-term warranty;

  • usage of raw material, that is characterized by the increased endurance and perfect functional properties;

  • quality repair of apartments in Kyiv, ongoing process control;

  • affordable price on the all range of services.

We take into consideration all the nuances pointed out by a client, all the operational details in order to finish the project on time. After this we transfer a ready-to-use housing to its owner.

The main stages of complex apartment repair in Kyiv

After receiving a contact to our company, first of all our employees go to an apartment in order to evaluate the rooms and determine the scale of conducted works. It is carried out with a purpose to provide estimate of costs, preliminary budget for the repair of a new apartment. If the homeowner has additional questions, in that case the information is being corrected and recalculated.

The next step is the beginning of repair implementation. It consists of:

installation of electrical systems and replacement of sanitary equipment;


  • installation of electrical systems and replacement of sanitary equipment;

  • plastering and painting works, spackling;

  • mounting of plasterboard constructions if necessary;

  • tiling, walls finishing;

  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning.

Last stage

Of repair in apartment is the exportation of construction waste from the premises. Additionally, the mounting of doors, wood flooring are also possible.

It is especially important to pass all these stages in the new buildings, because they require the implementation of the full range of services provided by the building enterprise.

Difference from an ordinary repair in a new building

Not always the homeowners prefer to choose the absolute transformation of their housings. The reason for this is the price that differs from an ordinary option. The implementation duration is also not a minor matter.

However, if to choose the simple cosmetic repair, you will soon face with a probable crane breakage, sudden damage of pipe or wiring. It happens due to the materials of a law quality, that have been used within installation of a sanitary equipment or electricity items.

Carrying out turn-key finishing or lining in a new building, we carefully select all subsidiary and expandable materials. For that reason, the clients are always satisfied after our employees have handed the finished object into exploitation.

Besides the major repair, you may choose another option. It implies totally different approach to the premises decoration.

Elite repair of apartment

It refers to more exquisite types of activity, the main purpose of which is the creation of unique interior in your home. Particular features of this type is the usage of only natural and expensive raw material.

The main objective of the specialists is a creation of an exclusive design in each room. They need to strengthen the homeowner’s identity, to give elegance and sense of taste to each element.

VIP repair differs from other variants of provided services by the following factors:

  • ecological compatibility and safety of the used materials and manufactured goods are of paramount importance;

  • use of modern technologies and approaches;

  • complete reshaping of the living space.

Elite repair implemented by our team allows showing off with the chosen style for extended period of time. Your family and friends will get excited from its tidiness and combination of all elements.