Restaurant repair

Each person visits cafes, pubs and similar places with a certain frequency. Without a doubt, not every place evokes a feeling of mental and physical comfort, and of course, not in any of them we wish to come back again. Surely, such a desire is largely influenced by the quality of cuisine and service, but a significant role is also assigned to restaurant repair.


How can we understand, that a restaurant requires design updates?

A new cafe image, up-to-date repair of restaurant in Kiev — these are visit traditions updates, an increase of customers flow and advantages for its development in the world of the restaurant business. Your establishment needs to be repaired if:

  • there is a decrease in profit for no apparent reason. It often happens, that a place fades and visitors just want innovations in decoration and general atmosphere;

  • you have not made a repair for over 10 years. Everything changes in the modern world, that is why we need to follow the public needs and satisfy its requests for innovations. Certainly, if restaurant repair in Kiev was made by professionals, it still looks presentable and fresh, but business does not abhor obsolescence, it works on impressions;

  • you need benefits towards competitors. In case there are places with similar target audience nearby, your excellent trump card will be new interior decoration. It also can strengthen the hand, that visitors will go to competitors, but show their interest to what happens behind the closed doors of your cafe. The guests flow after the opening is guaranteed.

Quality turn-key restaurant repair involving our company is already your benefit since all works are made “turn-key” based either on existing design or custom development.

Correct interior design of public catering establishments

Metropolitan repair firm has a great experience of conducting similar works. Each customer is guaranteed to get:

  • personal approach to solving any kinds of problems;

  • a detailed estimate of future expenses based on the customer’s wishes and his/her financial opportunities;

  • the use of building materials from reliable and time-tested suppliers;

  • loyal prices for various activities.

Peculiar properties of repair works

Restaurant decoration significantly differs from similar works in other objects. The difference is that carrying out manipulations in public places requires the strictest observance of all sanitary and epidemiological requirements according to the law. Inspector instances follow this thoroughly. And we too.

Moreover, restaurant repair in Kiev requires a lot of experience and mastery of contractors. Our specialists are well versed in modern techniques and provide innovative, non-standard solutions. However, even with a high level of professionalism, an excellent result is unreachable without the use of extra-class materials.

What does a customer get with us?

To order restaurant repair from us is always profitable, because it is difficult to refuse our proposals:

  1. Project design development of any complexity. We are competent in offering decoration variants both for budget estimates and for premium repairs. The customer determines for it right for his/her needs.

  2. All ideas will be developed only for you. Do you want exquisite classics, youth pop art or glamorous fusion —for us there is nothing impossible.

  3. Strict adherence to the agreed terms. No delays, transfer and disruption of deadlines. You can always get free consulting about cost and materials.

  4. Saving every centimeter of space. It does not matter if you have a huge room or a small cafe, a design project will be based on ergonomics and with minimal loss of free space.

Перепланировка помещения

If there is such a need, we will help with premises re-planning for a public catering place legally. Do you have in mind a building, where space is used inefficiently? Contact us!

Our design solutions are one of the benefits of exactly your establishment towards the other similar. With our help, you will emerge victorious in the battle for the visitors’ sympathy. In parallel with this, our specialists will masterfully move the layout into real life using the most qualitative materials and decorative elements. Attraction our company to the restaurant repair is a choice in favor of luxury innovative re-design at reasonable prices.

Each object is thought out to the smallest details: visitor's area location, planning of staff place and bar counters, laying of communications. Together it gives the desired result - a popular place, where you want to come back again and again.

Short deadlines, materials tested by time and references, professional team of craftsmen are at your disposal on a call or at filling order form.

Restaurant repair