Repair of beauty salon

Just these feelings, which a client has visiting such places, will affect whether a person would return or not to you again and again. Without a professional approach it is impossible to get high-quality repair of beauty salon, that would emphasize the studio identity. For that very reason, our services are necessary for you.

What does the concept of turn-key repair of beauty salon include?

Based on the customer’s purposes, his/her abilities and wishes, our company can offer a full range of services for the repair and design from cosmetic to a turn-key major repair of beauty salon.

Interior fit-out

As is already evident, interior fit-out of a beauty salon premises should inspire visitors to feel relaxation and convey a good mood. On the basis of that, our specialists are engaged in the drafting of design project early before the start of repair works. This activity implies consideration of many factors:

  • the client’s company area of activity;

  • space planning based on its ergonomics (practical arrangement of plumbing, furniture items and equipment);

  • stylistic directions and color solutions of rooms;

  • arrangement of lighting devices;

  • competent calculation of paving sewer systems, devices for conditioning and ventilation of air and electricity network.

Upon the completion of the design mock-up, a detailed cost estimate for the forthcoming expenses will be drawn up. Only after the full alignment of each point with a customer, the experience building team begins the turn-key repair of beauty salon. Significantly, the plan of expenses includes not only the costs for materials and work, but for its delivery and construction waste removal as well.

Small things matter

Apart from these concerns, our company takes into account the other, not less important aspects, while planning and finishing beauty salons. Among them there are:

  • identity and originality of each design;

  • selection of wear- and moisture resistant materials;

  • well-planned laying of communication systems;

  • installation of a large amount of light devices and mirrored surfaces;

  • strict maintenance of hygienic norms and fire safety requirements.

The long-term experience and a lot of practice showed, that only a strict compliance with the above regulations is a basis for success.

As a unique design solution, we are ready to offer you to decorate walls with mural or stucco. These elements will help to bring an added focus of clients, as they look stylish and expensive.

Particularities of such work

As mentioned earlier, the finishing of beauty salon implies the enforcement of sanitary regulations and hygiene standards, which affect the safety of carrying out cosmetology procedures. The used materials should be exclusively resistant to mechanical damages, high humidity, and also to aggressive chemical substances used for rooms disinfection.

Considering our building company is the keystone of success

Repair of beauty salon will be implemented taking into account arrangement of:

  • Personal workspaces for each master;

  • One or several storage spaces, where you can suitably store cosmetic products and equipment, that is not currently used.

  • Waiting area for visitors and space for storage of their outer clothes and other things.

  • Rooms for the staff rest and presence.

  • Sanitary facilities and zone for hygiene procedures.

Terms of work realization play far not the last role. The beauty salon, where the repair works are carried out, is not being used. The longer it takes to complete this procedure, the more funds the owner will lose. Our company always considers this peculiarity, that is why we complete works within a specified timeframe without any disruptions and postponements. Even in case of enormous volumes, we always can attract workers from reserve, in order to hand over the works with minimum time loses as a result.

Reasonable real prices

In all this, however, we offer our customers affordable prices in conjunction with the top quality building materials. In any case, the collaboration with us will be the most profitable, if to compare with the similar capital companies. Cross-industrial benchmarks with high qualification, well-established supply channels of materials the trusted manufacturers and the wide range of provided services allows us to take a leadership position at the market.

The mastery and professionalism of our company is a guarantee that you will get away from the mistakes, that are finally not cheap. We value our relationships with each applicant and seek to make them fruitful and win-win. Cooperation with us saves your time and costs. Our team certainly understands your needs and will meet even the wildest expectations.

Are you planning to make design of a beauty salon? Call us or fill the order form.