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Professional repair 

We provide repair works in new buildings with a warranty. Order the finishing of offices, restaurants, beauty salons. Get free consultations from our specialists!

Having decided to make repair in a new building, you need to find an agency that will carry out all the work qualitatively and fast enough. The granting of a guarantee on a range of services is also important since that boded well for successful cooperation with a building agency.

Our benefits

Every client is provided with a team of experienced specialists that know and love their business. They make a complex repair of apartments in Kyiv using the modern construction technologies and taking into account all the client's requirements.

Our benefits:

  • availability of professionals in related industries, that allows us to conduct all repair work types;

  • usage of high-quality raw materials with the increased endurance and technical properties;

  • granting of a guarantee on the full range of services for complex apartment repair, finishing of bank and office premises, restaurants and shops;

  • presence of managers responsible for controlling and quality assurance of conducted work;

  • compliance with the conducting rules of each repair work type and their special features;

  • assistance in the selection of materials, decor items, that will perfectly suit to the inside interior style;

  • affordable price for apartment repair in Kyiv.

We have been already on the market for 14 years and in the meantime gained some experience, that allows us to perform unrivaled masterpieces in your apartments. Plus, our policy always corresponds to the expectations of the homeowner.

Repair specificity of house and apartment

Making redevelopment or renovation of walls, ceiling and floor, you should take into account some points. First of all, the type of work: major or cosmetic repair. In doing so, we need to remember which parts of housing units will be repaired and how.

If you decided to change the apartment interior, all the systems must be completely changed and the wall partitions should be renovated. Special attention is given to painting works, during which all the surfaces are being finished:

  • walls – tiles are laid, wallpaper is glued;

  • upper part – spackling, installing of stretch ceiling;

  • bottom – laminate, linoleum, parquet.

Besides, such a replanning means the change of style. Such a process consists of a careful materials selection for a house finishing. They get chosen by the color range and the match of pictures and patterns. Our consultants will help you to chose the most appropriate variant. Moreover, we have a professional designer, who can point you in the right direction of the decor items choosing. We believe that the perfect combo of all the details helps to create the ideal atmosphere and stylish housing.

External house finishing is considered to be an equally important aspect. A good choice of the raw material and its shades will help to create a superb outer appearance of the building. Particular attention is devoted to the type of the used mixtures, because they must protect a manor from the impact of external factors. Moreover, the compatibility of the decoration stone or panels with the material for construction is also important.

Many homeowners prefer decorative plaster. It is distinguished by the durability, strength, and aesthetically view on the surfaces. We offer all kinds of plastering mixtures, thanks to which the excellent embossed patterns are being created. Plus they are characterized by a high resistance to fire conditions and to hot temperatures.

Repair of shops and places of public catering

A major phase of conducting repair works in commercial premises is a proper zoning and placement of racks. That would contribute to an increasing of the enterprise competitive position. At the same time, the result of a venue change will be increase in sales, which reflects positively on the business profitability. Besides, it forms an inclusive and favorable image of a shop.

Repair of a restaurant differs by such moments:

  • selection of appropriate stylized content;

  • perfect tables arrangement, calculation of their optimal quantity;

  • creation of a cozy atmosphere due to the delightful decor items;

  • re-establishment of comfortable conditions for guests.

Well-placed furniture and other accessories allow increasing the number of visitors. You should consider such nuances within a cafe repair as well. However, the main feature of such public places is availability of several small lounges. Their designer decor should be similar, but there are cases when, for example, modern and art decor are used for finishing concurrently. The main thing is the right combination and creation of a smooth transition from the one hall to another.

Repair of a beauty salon implies the refurbishment to create comfort, selection of colorful and stylish furniture items. Walls should be covered with light and pleasant pastel colors, and have a smooth texture.

Should you choose any of these variants of repair works, we will help you to select each item and raw material used for finishing.

Repair of offices in Kyiv

A stylish design and interior minimalism are the main components of the repair process in companies. Office buildings require a special treatment for their improvement and zoning. Plus, you should pay a special attention to security and implementation on a high level.

Electrical construction works should be done only by experienced specialists. They follow all the installation rules of new equipment, carefully perform every move, responsibly check all system on the availability of damages or breakages.

It is also taken into account within a major repair of bank by our employees, among which there is a professional designer. A range of rendered services includes:

  • dismantling of outdated and installation of new devices;

  • finishing process of all surfaces;

  • replacement of sanitary equipment;

  • arrangement of new furniture.

Our employees are capable to completely reinvent the premises of your enterprise. We will create a totally new office distinguished by the stylish content and overall appearance.

The experience gained over many years allows carrying out all turn-key repair works in a new building. We provide our client the ability to bring their unrealized ideas to life!