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Apartment interior design – masterpieces of three-dimensional graphics

Project development for apartment interior design using 3D images. Order an unsurpassed model of your home!

Even an experienced designer can hardly think through each decor element without 3D visualization. A lot of certain drawbacks are too glaring to miss after repairs are completed. Such nuances always cause dissatisfaction of an apartment owner.

It is particularly important to bear in mind when choosing a styled apartment interior design that is distinguished by the elegance and unrivaled taste. Poorly adapted pieces of decor will stand out clearly over the general room arrangement. It can be an ill-fitting print of a sofa, floor lamp or vase. Sometimes the wall colors cannot coexist.

We offer

Preferably, the 3D visualization should be ordered before starting repair works. Such a simulation gives an opportunity to select an affordable version for the homeowner.

Our company will be glad to assist you with the implementation of such a project. For more than 14 years we have been engaged in the 3D objects images production for redevelopment or style change in a housing. We develop and thoroughly consider an exclusive apartment design, that completely transforms every corner of the room.

Several options for manufacture can be chosen. Our team will make projection with different stylized content. This will help you to select the perfect version of your apartment.

The main collaboration benefits are:

  • practical application of zoning;

  • redesign upon request;

  • creating a delightful 3D visualization;

  • full range of provided services;

  • availability of personnel, that presents all kinds of professions;

  • experienced workers, that perform turnkey repairs;

  • high-quality work performance in the shortest possible time;

  • provision of a long-term warranty period;

  • affordable prices for interior visualization and other company services;

  • use of materials from only well-known manufacturers that have proved to be excellent in the construction market;

  • enterprise manager provides work quality control at all stages;

  • free consulting services before and during the mutual cooperation process.

We provide 3D modeling of an apartment, bearing in mind all wishes of the homeowner. Upon request, our specialist advice you about the choice of style and furniture that best fit it. Alternatively, we consult you regarding the materials, their variety, and manufacturer, which will better suit for finishing or other types of work.

The main benefits of interior 3D visualization

This is the process of creating three-dimensional images of your future home with the help of modern technologies. The process is carried out with the help of a special program and conducted directly before the repair started. Finally, you will get an opportunity to chose such a variant that certainly fits your requirements. Any changes can be easily made in such 3D apartment model. It can be a selection of:

  • color, shades of each decorating gizmo;

  • individual parts textures of wall coverings, ceiling, and floor;

  • any other, more appropriate materials;

  • elements variations that create a common interior picture.


Other modifications include furniture shape and size, the movement of these objects in a more suitable place.

Such a projection of an apartment design allows seeing an acceptable interior plan for your home. It is not yet an implemented idea and that is very pertinent because the adjustments are being made prior to the commencement of repair.

We provide the homeowner with several options for the future interior design. 3D pictures transmit all the details, where every little element is taken into account.

The main differences of such a design project

In order to project the expected remodel, no various devices are required. Our managers will make a unique model using a special program considering the client’s wishes regarding design solutions.

Such a detailed picture ensures better orientation in the envisaged variant and allows to make an excursion in the improved house version.

Employees create working drawings for each living space. Should you need to make a remodeling or replacement of existing zoning, the possible methods will be submitted to the client's approval. An experienced designer will advise how to place all the decor items. Thus, they will fit well in the general environment.

The interior design project allows solving the issues concerning the increased ergonomics requirements for the room space. The perfect accommodation provides comfortable conditions for further living.

Combination of all objects in terms of colors and stylistics is also an important factor. These nuances are evaluated during the modeling and formation processes of a new, improved housing version.

Design apartment renovation also implies changing the room's style. The most popular are modern, high tech, retro, vintage, Art Deco, empire style, eclecticism, and minimalism.

Although, some people prefer the Romanesque or Gothic style. In comparison with the others, they are perfectly suitable for modern homes.

This innovative apartment design became very popular among our clients. It is characterized by the singularity and the likelihood of creating a perfect image of the already renovated housing.

That way, within the implementation of such a design, the originality, colorfulness, and forethought of all the details can be illustrated. Moreover, the price for 3D visualization suggested by our agency will be definitely affordable for each client. This is critical because such a method gives the homeowners aesthetic joy and further delight of their guests.